July 12, 1943: My Life in the Service

Monday, July 12th. Well, well, well – I’m a college student again. From 8-10 I had P.T. I did 12 push-ups. Jumped 92 in. & swam 50 yards in 46.6. In 9 months I should improve a helluva lot. Maybe I’ll get a physique!!!! Had algebra, English, Physics & chemistry. All seem like fun except Physics. I might flunk that if I don’t watch out. Was broke all day & had to bum cigs from strangers. To-nite tho, I got a letter, or rather a wire & $10.00 from Dad*. It’s about time. I guess that’s the last I can expect from home. I certainly won’t ask mother again, & Dad has so much expense now, what with the blessed event. Etc.

I suppose I’ll have to study, but I can manage to write letters. Have already written Mona.


*His father was divorced from his mother (Oh, the scandal!).  His father was an “oil man” who moved frequently, following the work. He had remarried, and I think he lived in the Pacific Northwest at the time. His mother, Alma, had married E. J. Ormsby. My grandfather disliked his stepfather and would never refer to him as “dad”.

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