Poetry From World Fantasy Con

I seem to run into Karen Bovenmeyer at cons nearly every year. This year, I was pleased to see her at WFC in San Antonio. She said, “You’re coming to the Goblin Poetry Slam, right?

“Do I get to slam goblins?” I said, wild-eyed and hopeful. “They make me itch.”

Turns out, no, there were no goblins, but this late-night interactive panel had a great crowd. The panelists had formidable talent, and when we were all dazzled, they brought out the big guns: Poetry prompts! They flung words at us, and obligingly, we turned them into poetry in mere minutes. Turns out the audience was pretty damned talented, too.

Here’s one of mine, scribbled on Hotel notepaper, tucked into my purse. I just re-discovered a few minutes ago.



That can of Spam
is an achievement
not something forgotten
in the back of the pantry
behind the green beans
out-of-date and

You didn’t have to eat it
out of need
or hunger
or poverty

You ate it, chunked and fried
on top of ice cream
because you wanted to

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S. Kay Nash is a writer, editor, and bibliophile. She lives in Texas with a mad scientist and a peaceful contingent of dogs and cats.
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