Canyon Song

Canyon Song

S. Kay Nash

I entered the silent depths

of this canyon, delicately shrouded

with the memories of my ancestors, dreaming

like spider webs in an empty house

where my soul had fled, dying


I paused to the cadence of a desert wind

pulsing cold through the stone

carrying my song, flowing

from the smooth foundations of rock

an aching whisper, mourning

incomplete in its majesty


It stumbled and continued on

a heartbeat missed, a step not danced

her voice, a captivating cry from between

earth and sky, darkness and dawn

joined a divine symphony of stone


Rising so incredibly high, she sang

the pure euphony of the universal puzzle

falling into order, she whispered

secrets–intelligible things

and I followed her, knowing

in her mystery I would rediscover

that lost phrase of my existence

and live.


© S. Kay Nash 2012 All rights reserved.

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