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Review: Syndicate- Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector

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Syndicate: Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector
by Lyle S. Tanner

Syndicate: Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector is a collection of related short stories set in a world where magic exists, hidden in the shadowed backstreets. Gangs, cults and criminal enterprises use magicians for their own ends, but with the warning to their members, “Don’t let the Syndicate catch you doing that.” Read More →

Solstice Rain

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S. Kay Nash

Comes the sun
Comes the thunder
With the lightning
With lightning forked
With lightning flashing
Comes the rain
Comes the rain with me


© S. Kay Nash 2013 All rights reserved.

Rift: The Birth of Sorrow

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She was in a dream. The mist curled around the roots of the tree. She looked up to see the boughs strung with spiderwebs, lit with dewdrops that gleamed in the darkness. The tree groaned when she reached up to touch the bark. It had to be Gloamwood. Read More →

Rift: The Hunger

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Down. Moving slowly, smooth stone on her hands and knees, she crept through the darkness without a mage light to guide her. There was no need for light in this place. Dark. Close. The air didn’t move here. Her tiny body fit easily within the space. For most others, the tight squeeze through the tunnel could bring forth the terror of collapse or entrapment, the panic of being buried alive. Read More →

The Apprentice III

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Seven hours had passed since she’d left Tigris in the emergency med station. She feared what she would find, but was hopeful. When the beds were empty on her return, she panicked. The yellow-skinned Twi’lek finally got through to the Zabrak that Tigris had been moved to a different facility where she was recovering from surgery. Read More →

The Apprentice II

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Zahira woke up and discovered she was alone. The droid helpfully offered that her guest had left the ship just after dawn and had been gone exactly 4.35 standard hours. She stifled the urge to dismantle the droid as a feeling of dread came over her. Something was terribly wrong. Tigris was gone without a trace.

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The Apprentice I

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The Apprentice


Lord Zahira walked into a dusty cantina in a backwater outpost on Tatooine. Her most recent Cartel contract had brought her to this desert planet. She had been tracking a Republic spy, and needed to make him vanish before he could do any more damage. Read More →