About Me

My name is S. Kay Nash, and I am a big ol’ gal from Texas. I’m a writer of horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction. I’m proud to be part of the freelance editorial team at Digital Fiction Pub where I edit the Digital Horror Fiction line of short stories/anthologies. I also provide proofreading and copyediting services for novels, anthologies, and author collections. I’m an associate editor at EscapePod, the premiere science fiction podcast. I’m an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association, and a member of both the North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop and the DFW Writers Workshop.

I was raised by a cabal of professors, anthropologists, and irritated librarians. People ask me where I grew up and I rattle off a list of university libraries and archaeological dig sites. I have a BS and an MLA but I have no intention of piling it higher and deeper.

I’m a nerd, an unapologetic gamer, cosplayer, and bibliophile.  The majority of my friends are people I’ve known for decades but have never seen in person. We met through various internet forums, blogs, online hangouts and game servers. Hell, even my Consort ordered me off’a Yahoo.com.

You can follow me on Twitter @Gnashchick


My name has changed six times. The name I use now is not the name I was born with. After a parade of stepfathers and an ex-husband, I stood in front of a County Judge and said: “Seriously? This shit needs to stop.”  My surname, Nash, was plucked from my maternal family tree. I have previously published works as S. Kay Elmore and Kay Jack.


Review Policy

I’m a freelance reviewer of SF/F/H, thrillers and occasionally, paranormal romance/erotica. Over the years, my reviews have appeared on SF Site, Bookie-monster.com (alas, now defunct), Horror-writers.com, and most recently, Buzzymag. If the review is unencumbered by the publication, I’ll also post it on this site, Amazon, and Goodreads.

My standards:

  1. I never accept payment from authors or publishers in any form. I review reading copies at my own discretion and receipt of a book does not guarantee a review.
  2. The review will be an honest account of my reading experience. Reviews are for readers. My goal is to connect readers with books they will enjoy.
  3. When I say honest, I’m not kidding. I will not hesitate to poke my fingers into plot holes, call attention to flaws, tired tropes, bad editing, or poor writing.
  4. If your book is excellent, I will not only say so, I’ll help you promote it. If it blows my hair back, I’ll make sure everyone knows it.
  5. I respect publishers’ review embargos and deadlines.

My Scale

  • 5 Stars: This book is on my award nomination list. If you buy a print copy, get 2 because you’ll want to give one to a friend.
  • 4 Stars: A book you should read, but I found one or two minor issues that didn’t keep me from enjoying it.
  • 3 Stars: There are good things and bad things, but overall, it has some redeeming qualities.
  • 2 Stars: Major issues that stopped me from reading. I may or may not have finished it. Readers are warned what to expect.
  • 1 Star: There’s no way to write a one-star review without being an asshole, so I won’t.

While I get most of my review copies directly from publishers, I also welcome independent authors. If you’d like a review, follow me on Twitter @Gnashchick and send me a direct message.

I’m an editor by profession, and any reviews of books that I’ve worked on will be accompanied by a full disclosure.


Shine bright, my leanan sídhe.

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