July 9th, 1943: My Life in the Service

A.M. What fun we had this morn. The co. fell out & “drilled.” It was a mess. Our Co. C.O. was a sad SAAC. He got so unbearable that the entire 320 men were booing & laughing every time he opened his mouth. He tried to teach me to salute, but I still don’t know. Finish up the day’s experience to-nite. It will be damn dull since I’m broke & can’t go anywhere.

P.M. – Got a letter from Bill & he’s in the Navy. I had to laugh even tho I shouldn’t. Also got mail from J. Manna & K Mandel. Glad to hear from both. Mansuer, Barron & myself went for a hike last night. We saw the old State House, scene of the Boston Massacre & the site of the Boston Tea Party. Ended up at the Buddies Club where I danced once or twice. Have to write Riddle & quick. I bet his is so angry he won’t even answer. Wonder if I should get he & D.B. together? Might be entertaining.

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