July 21, 1943: My Life in the Service

July 21 – Hmmmmm aren’t you ashamed? No entries for almost a week. I had an interesting week-end (?). In the first place, my “date” was a farce & I should have stayed in bed. I made a date for the next nite, but broke it. Sat. nite I became quite tight* & also quite melancholy. The week so far has been terrible. I’ve been in such a bad humor – just like I have been for 3 years. Something has got to make me change my way of living. I have no interest in a thing, and school bores me to tears. I had a Chem. Quiz to-day and I flunked well out it. I’ll flunk a physics quiz to-morrow & maybe one in Geog. What’s wrong with me? I have the intelligence, but I haven’t the will-power to apply it. I’m positive I’ll end up as the most educated tramp in the U.S.

Mother sent me $5.00 conscience money for that last letter.


*Slang for “very drunk”

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