July 15, 1943: My Life in the Service

July 15 – Just another day with two exceptions. No. 1 (in order of least imp.) The Profs. Have decided to simplify Physics. Now I’m not in the least worried. No. 2 – Got a letter from Mona with several old notes from Hi School. How funny they were! I’ve read and re-read them. She told me to burn them, but I would just as soon cut off an arm. I wish I had enough “nerve” to send a couple to James. Mona would die, but gee – he’d love ‘em – especially the one in which he hands Mona over to me free gratia. Boy – I certainly enjoyed that letter! Also got a letter from Grandmother.

I’ve really studied. Besides doing 34 tough Alg. Prob. I’ve brought my note-book up to date. I’m determined to make good grades. Wrote Mrs. Hodges & Grandmother. Bought a book of plays by Noel Coward.

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