July 13, 1943: My Life in the Service

July 13 – Just another day. Went to school & had History & Geography for the first time. The Geo. Prof. seems to be a lecherous old B., but interesting. The Hist. Prof. is young and seems to be a darn good teacher. I’m right pleased with both of them. Had 3 hours off in the p.m. during which time I worked algebra & studied other stuff. Also bought materials for school, including this pen. Came back – ate (foul meal) – loaned Penny $1.00 – sneaked out & saw a show “Ladies Day”. It was quite funny in spots – came back in helped Gerlach with Physics (just as if I know what I was talking about). Anyway, I worked the 3 problems due tomorrow. Also wrote letters to Cornbread, Evelyn, & Mona. Got a card from Cornbread. He’s now a S/Sgt! Egad! It’s almost time for lights out so until tomorrow—


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