July 11, 1943: My Life in the Service

Sunday, July 11th. Didn’t get up until about 12. Ate and dashed down-town to see Cab Calloway. He was grand, but his show wasn’t too good. He sang “Minnie the Moocher” & “St. James Infirmary.” Had iced coffee & do-nuts at the Maxwell House joint. Real good. The day is still young, but I’m so broke that I certainly can’t do much. Just buy dinner and maybe a drink or two. No mail. I think I shall write a letter and then to bed. School to-morrow, and I’m damn glad.

Sun. P.M. Just by chance, I got a ticket to a “Pops” concert. Boy – was it good. Heard “Russian Easter”, T’s 5th, and Capriccio Espagnol. It was wonderful. On to bed.


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