July 10, 1943: My Life in the Service

My day off – and I didn’t have enough sense to really enjoy it. What I’d give to have the money to go where I want to! Hildegarde is at the Big Hotel here. Gee, how I want to see her. But do I know how to even go about it? No! Just a hick with hay in my hair. I’m going next Sat. nite if I embarrass myself to death. But back to Sat.– Saw “Dixie” & “Aerial Gunner” both rotten and “Action in North Africa” & a Blondie picture – both good. Had dinner at the Adam House and cocktails at the World Bar. Ended up at the “Buddies Club” where I met a nice girl named Audrey. She is a good dancer and was quite impressed with my dancing. Why, I don’t know. Why couldn’t I be good-looking instead of a good dancer? The only time I make a girl pant is after a Jazz Jive number. But why gripe?

Some ugly guys can’t even dance! Anyhow, I have a date with Audrey for next Sat. nite. If I get paid, we’ll take it in the town – no kidden’ I’m still in the midst of a mental struggle. I have to get rid of my conception of living. I’ve got to make money my slave – not my master. I’ve got to toss inhibitions to the winds. I must live the “good life.” If only Erny were here – he could help me. I have to keep in mind that “tomorrow never comes.” Life for the day. From now on, “Damn the Torpedoes – full speed a-head.”

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S. Kay Nash is a writer, editor, and bibliophile. She lives in Texas with a mad scientist and a peaceful contingent of dogs and cats.
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