What am I up to? Anthologies!

KiS_CoverI’m so excited about the work I’ve been doing over the past few months. I’m working with Suzie Wargo Lockhart, who is the managing editor of Killing it Softly, a new anthology of horror fiction written by women and published by Digital Fiction Publishing. This is an impressive collection of horror and dark fiction that covers everything from classic Gothic horror to cosmic weirdness and serial killers and haunted houses and sweet revenge and hungry loa and… and… WOW.

I waded into the slush pile with Suzie to make sure we selected the very best stories. The response was tremendous, and we were excited to see so many submissions. Now that the titles are chosen, (alas, I can’t release the ToC yet; that’s her job!) we’re deep into the copyedits and proofreading, getting it ready to publish.

I’m so excited about being on the team for this book. Publication is planned for September, just in time for Halloween Month. I’ll post more about it as the publication date draws near. In the meantime, check out the Killing it Softly Facebook page.

The second project, still underway, is another DFP anthology. Memento Mori will present tales of death, and those touched by it. I can’t say much about this one yet, as we are still selecting stories. Editor Bruce Lockhart is taking the acquisition lead on this one, and I’ll be backing him up with support and proofreading.


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