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Pale HunterA while back, I read and reviewed a novel written by C.J. Sellers. It had good points and bad points, but the good stuff was enough to make me want to read more of her work in hopes the mechanical issues of the earlier novel could be resolved. Thank you, social media, for letting cranky, picky reviewers keep tabs on “emerging” authors.

I bought a copy of Pale Hunter for my Kindle. I’m so very glad I did. The author is clearly hitting her stride with this novella. I was engrossed from the first few paragraphs, and read the whole novella in one sitting. Sellers gives us a wholly believable period piece that slips easily into bleak, blood-freezing terror.

Pale Hunter is a damn scary read. It begins with a frontier-exploration tale reminiscent of the stories of the great explorers of North America. On its face, the story is that of a fur trader and his assistant trying to broker a deal with a native tribe. Tides turn, ulterior motives are revealed, and promises are broken. Like other reviewers, I don’t want to give any spoilers because the work is short, and I’m afraid if I give too much synopsis, it will ruin it.

Just read it. Preferably at night. In the winter. With the lights on.

I look forward to more delightfully frightening horror from C.J. Sellers.

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