Another story has found a home

I’m delighted to announce that my short story, “Pit Stop” will be appearing in the September issue of Wicked Words. Don’t worry, I’ll spam it to everyone when it appears.

This is my second piece of fiction to be published this year. I currently have one other short story and one poem squirming around in someone’s slush pile. I’ve written a lot this summer, but most of the stories are currently sitting in my “unfinished crap” file. One of them, nick-named “The Back Forty” has real potential, but I approached it the wrong way and I need to scrap what I wrote and start over. I had a POV problem. When I got stuck trying to see it through the widow’s eyes, I realized the story really belongs to the sheriff. Whoops.

Two more stories have been outlined, and poked and prodded, but I haven’t written them yet.  Another poem is written, but I’m not certain if I need a publisher or if I need therapy.

A romantic fantasy short, “Darkhollow Moon” based on the Scottish folk tale “King of the Cats” was thrown to the critique group with instructions to rip it to shreds. It was a problem child, not really unfinished crap, but not working, either. It’s not what I usually write. They pointed out all the problems, mostly with the plot and emotional arcs not meshing up. My friends nodded their heads and sagely informed me that the best way to fix it would be to expand on the relationship between the MC and his father, the MC and his first crush, and give more weight to the romantic resolution. “You don’t have a short story,” they said, “you have a novella.”  Terrified, I trunked it and will take a look at it later.




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S. Kay Nash is a writer, editor, and bibliophile. She lives in Texas with a mad scientist and a peaceful contingent of dogs and cats.
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