Ah, Rejection

At last, a good solid rejection letter. One of the poems I set loose in the world was politely turned away.  

In 2013, I submitted one poem and one short story for publication. The short story was accepted, and the poem rejected.  I’m pretty fucking happy with that. I’ll dust off my hands and call it good. If I had a 50% rejection rate for the grants I wrote in 2013, I’d be beside myself with joy and demanding a MUCH higher salary.

For 2014, I have just one poem out so far. The publication I submitted to is highly competitive–I decided to aim high and match each rejection with a follow up submission. I bought a Duotrope subscription so I could find new markets and track my submissions.

Now I need to write more. 10 stories or poems, 10 submissions. That’s my goal for 2014.


About S. Kay Nash

S. Kay Nash is a writer, editor, and bibliophile. She lives in Texas with a mad scientist and a peaceful contingent of dogs and cats.
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