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Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror edited by William Cook

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There is no set theme for this anthology, but each story touches on the fears of the modern world. In the introduction, a selection from W.J. Renham’s The Art of Darkness: Meditations on the Effect of Horror Fiction,  we are reminded that, “Horror serves to reconnect us with our primal selves, provides temporary respite from the droning conditions of modern life.” Read More →

Letting Dreams Speak

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I dream a lot. Dreams are one of the many ways I get inspiration for the creative things I pursue. I’ve dreamed everything from complete dance choreography to jewelry designs to story plots. Dreams are also one of the inviolate holy places where I can connect with the mysteries of the not-yet-discovered. There are worlds of rich, detailed, emotionally layered experiences available to me and all I have to do is sleep to see them. Last night I had a dream that still has me thinking about what’s going on in my brain. Read More →

Review: Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell

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Charley Woods is a businesswoman who is struggling with everyday life and the twin pressures of family obligations and work. She’s guilt-ridden by the existence of her daughter, Jenny, who is in full-time care due to severe brain damage. When Charley suffers a heart attack in her office, she’s abruptly catapulted to Avalon, which may be the afterlife, or perhaps something in between. Read More →

Yes, I’m a Writer.

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I let some of my co-workers know that I had a short story published recently.  One of them turned to me and said, “I didn’t know you were a writer!”  I just smiled and thanked her for her support. In my head, I replied “What do you think I do in my office all day, honey?” Read More →

Review: A Feral Darkness by Doranna Durgin

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Brenna Fallon is a dog person. When she was nine years old, she read about an old God called Mars Nodens. Upset that her beloved old dog was dying, she found a place on her family farm where the elements aligned with the ancient places that Nodens was worshipped.. Offering up a heartfelt prayer to save her dog’s life, she also offers the thing most important to her: She cuts off her hair with her pocket knife and her faithful hound lives a remarkably long time. Read More →

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