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Review: Pale Hunter by C.J. Sellers

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Pale HunterA while back, I read and reviewed a novel written by C.J. Sellers. It had good points and bad points, but the good stuff was enough to make me want to read more of her work in hopes the mechanical issues of the earlier novel could be resolved. Thank you, social media, for letting cranky, picky reviewers keep tabs on “emerging” authors.

I bought a copy of Pale Hunter for my Kindle. I’m so very glad I did. The author is clearly hitting her stride with this novella. I was engrossed from the first few paragraphs, and read the whole novella in one sitting. Sellers gives us a wholly believable period piece that slips easily into bleak, blood-freezing terror. Read More →

Review: Sleepers by Jacqueline Druga

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Sleepers1Oh boy. If you’re a parent and you’re planning to read this book, grab a hanky because you’re going to need it. Just look at the synopsis–1.8 billion children, gone. Mera Stevens’ son is one of them. The first few chapters are absolutely heart-wrenching. Read More →

Review: They Greying by Dallas Sutherland

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The GreyingOne of the nice things about reviewing books is that I’m confident of one thing: The people who read book reviews are also avid readers. Readers in general are also quite likely to have found their love of books in childhood, and were encouraged to read by the adults in their lives. I’m all for encouraging children to read, especially if it’s a book that gives them a leg up into both genre and literary works of fiction. If you have a young reader in your life, check out this book. Read More →

Review: Crimson Son by Russ Linton

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Crimson SonSpencer is not a normal nineteen-year-old. He’s the son of the world’s most powerful Augment – a superhuman solder called the Crimson Mask. His life has been in a constant state of upheaval. He’s changed his name so many times he can’t really keep track of what it really is. He’s moved from city to city, changed his schools, and left friends behind, all in order to keep both him and his mother safe. When your father is a superhero, your family becomes a target for his enemies. His father’s nemesis, the Black Beetle, has already struck at the family, kidnapping Spencer’s mother and forcing Spencer to hide in a secret arctic bunker. Read More →

Dirty Hands

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No mask
no veil
no masquerade

The blood
the tears
the death displayed

And fear
and hope
and gloves mislaid

May 16, 2014

Review: The Fallen by Charlie Higson

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The FallenThe Fallen is book #5 in Charlie Higson’s The Enemy Series. Although this is the fifth book, the events occur 28 seconds after the end of The Enemy (#1), and are concurrent with events in The Sacrifice (#4).

I don’t always get to read books in order. When I wind up with an out-of-sequence book to review, the first challenge is to see if the book gives me enough backstory and context to let the novel stand on its own. In the opening chapter, a girl called Maxie is on the move through the streets of London, celebrating escape from Buckingham Palace. She’s with a pack of other youth and children called, “The Holloway kids.” It’s a perfect introduction to the characters, offering a bit about each without dumping too much information at once. Read More →

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